ALBUM REVIEW: The Wave Pictures – City Forgiveness

the wave pictures city forgiveness

  Written for DIY Having carried the flame of melancholic, sardonic British indie wit for eight or thirteen full-lengths (depending on how you count it), one might assume The Wave Pictures’ fingers were starting to get singed. But that would have made an ass of us both, since album eight or thirteen (depending on how … Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Johnny Flynn – Country Mile

johnny flynn country mile

Written for DIY “I’ve only got so near / I’ve only gone so far,” sighs Johnny Flynn on the opening title track of ‘Country Mile’. He’s earned a right to be wistful. In the years since his and backing band The Sussex Wit’s first album (2008’s ‘A Larum’; that’s ‘Alarm’ to everyone who doesn’t speak Middle English), he’s … Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: The National – Trouble Will Find Me

the national trouble will find me

Written for Addict “The band has almost ended here and there. I think we got past a lot of the ways it could have ended and ended badly,” Matt Berninger recently confessed. “I don’t know how long is healthy to be a rock band. We’ve been on for almost 14 years, so another five years might be … Continue reading

FEATURE: I Saw Dredd The Other Night and, Y’know, It Was Pretty Good


I was never that big on 2000 AD as a kid, though I tried my darndest to be, I guess out of some kind of attempted national pride. Maybe I should have read more of the stories wherein Dredd’s fascistic tendencies are directly addressed; for the most part, though, I think I felt a little uncomfortable by this law … Continue reading