ALBUM REVIEW: Midlake – Antiphon

midlake antiphon

  Written for DIY It used to be that losing a frontman meant losing a band. But that was in the past, and we live in the present, which means Battles can draft in Gary Numan for Tyondai Braxton, Paul McCartney can improbably moonlight as Kurt Cobain and Texan Americana types Midlake can deal with … Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: The Wave Pictures – City Forgiveness

the wave pictures city forgiveness

  Written for DIY Having carried the flame of melancholic, sardonic British indie wit for eight or thirteen full-lengths (depending on how you count it), one might assume The Wave Pictures’ fingers were starting to get singed. But that would have made an ass of us both, since album eight or thirteen (depending on how … Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Superchunk – I Hate Music

superchunk i hate music

  Written for DIY North Carolina’s Superchunk have been around the block a few times. They’re…mature. They’re very wise. Look they’re old, okay? They’ve been stamping on distortion pedals and jumping around in plaid shirts for a good couple of decades now. It’s easy to see how they might get a bit cynical. Still, ‘I … Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Laura Veirs – Warp and Weft

laura veirs warp and weft

Written for DIY Despite the best sources claiming she hails from Portland, Oregon, from the sound of ‘Warp & Weft’ Laura Veirs could just have easily suffered through the totally-not-climate-change-related tropical summer the British isles have just sweated their way through. Her ninth LP is in no hurry, and the gentle alt-folk arrangements have a … Continue reading

EP REVIEW: Shinies – Tangle

shinies tangle ep

Written for DIY Manchester’s Shinies want to ruin your teeth. Their first single, ‘Shola / Pillow Talk’, featured a melting 99 (without a Flake) on the cover and this this follow-up of sun-kissed fuzzy-wuzzy-indie rock is all tied up in strawberry laces. Plus it features some of the sweetest melodies this side of the gentle tinkling … Continue reading