shinies tangle ep

EP REVIEW: Shinies – Tangle

Written for DIY Manchester’s Shinies want to ruin your teeth. Their first single, ‘Shola / Pillow Talk’, featured a melting 99 (without a Flake) on the cover and this this follow-up of sun-kissed fuzzy-wuzzy-indie rock is all tied up in strawberry laces. Plus it features some of the sweetest melodies this side of the gentle tinkling … Continue reading

the national trouble will find me

ALBUM REVIEW: The National – Trouble Will Find Me

Written for Addict “The band has almost ended here and there. I think we got past a lot of the ways it could have ended and ended badly,” Matt Berninger recently confessed. “I don’t know how long is healthy to be a rock band. We’ve been on for almost 14 years, so another five years might be … Continue reading

postal service manchester academy

LIVE REVIEW: The Postal Service at Academy, Manchester, 18/05/13

  Written for DIY Funny how things turn out. An electronica whizzkid and an indie rock savant make fun pop music as a little side project, and it becomes one of the biggest albums (within certain circles) of recent times. Then, ten years after the fact, they decide to actually tour the thing. One of … Continue reading

how to dress well whitworth art gallery 1

LIVE REVIEW: How To Dress Well at the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, 15/05/13

Written for DIY “What a great place to have a concert,” says Tom Krell, taking stock of his surroundings. “It’s weird. It’s like we’re all grown ups.” The room of young and not-so-young hipsters laugh knowingly in their seats. Support tonight comes from a local duo who refuse to identify themselves – later outed as … Continue reading

van dyke parks songs cycled

ALBUM REVIEW: Van Dyke Parks – Songs Cycled

Written for the 405   Last year I wrote about a trio of reissues from musical polymath Van Dyke Parks’ back catalogue; specifically, the solo albums that him took him from being the man who wrote some of the Beach Boys’ biggest hits to the man who lost Warner Bros. Records $35,509 and erm kind of stayed at that level … Continue reading