FEATURE: I Saw Dredd The Other Night and, Y’know, It Was Pretty Good


I was never that big on 2000 AD as a kid, though I tried my darndest to be, I guess out of some kind of attempted national pride. Maybe I should have read more of the stories wherein Dredd’s fascistic tendencies are directly addressed; for the most part, though, I think I felt a little uncomfortable by this law … Continue reading

FEATURE: The End of The Office; or, Why Not To Expect Too Much of Network Sitcoms

The Office final season 9

So, I guess NBC’s The Office is finito after this next season. Thank fuck for that. Not words I’d’ve expected to write, or think, or even be able to form into a sentence I understood with relation to the show I spent last summer marathoning and consequently falling in love with, like a syrupy courtship montage from … Continue reading

FEATURE: Dylan, Dada and @Horse_ebooks – The Limits of Nonsense

“It’s not Dada that is nonsense—but the essence of our age that is nonsense.”—The Dadaists There are a lot of spam accounts floating about on Twitter. If you’re even a semi-regular user of the service you’ll have no doubt encountered the appearance of new “followers” who turn out not to be fellow social medial converts charmed by your … Continue reading