SINGLE REVIEW: AlunaGeorge – Your Drums, Your Love

alunageorge your drums your love

Written for DIY There’s a great history of bands with terrible names nonetheless creating inspired music. The Bob Dylan-sired The Band are perhaps the epitome. The The were okay too, right? Anyway, that’s all academic, because AlunaGeorge – that’s the duo’s first names stuck together – don’t make music that sound anything like those other … Continue reading


Written for DIY Some bands don’t make a huge splash on first listen; more of a ripple. Some bands don’t so much announce themselves as sit in the corner of the room and kept quiet, slowly making their presence known. Sometimes these bands can also be quite boring. That’s our dilemma with G R E … Continue reading

SINGLE REVIEW: Jessie Ware – “110%”

Written for DIY Whenever a musical genre that has caused an underground ruckus is taken in by the pop mainstream, it always gets tidied up a little; to put it another way, the interesting bits are shorn off, the hard edges filed down. It happened with punk, it happened with hip-hop. Right now it’s happening … Continue reading

SINGLE REVIEW: Shinies – “Shola / Pillow Talk”

shinies shola

Written for DIY From a group of pals jamming in a cellar, to posting a demo online whilst drunk, to the music press exalting unabashed praise, to recording their debut single with former Test Icicle Rory Atwell — what a whirlwind the past few months have been for Mancunian quartet Shinies. There’s a steady wave … Continue reading

SINGLE REVIEW: Los Campesinos! – “Songs About Your Girlfriend”

Written for DIY “It seems like such a ludicrous thing to say, but I think Drake and I write about similar things a lot of the time.” So says Gareth Campesinos! in a recent interview in support of his band’s third/fourth album (depending on who you ask), Hello Sadness.  Standing out on an album of no-holds barred … Continue reading