FEATURE: Philophobia Music (Label Profile)

philophobia music

  Written for the 405 Philophobia is the fear of emotional attachment; fear of being in, or falling in love. It’s also the name of that one Arab Strap album. “I like the fact that it’s a word made of the polar opposites,” explains Rob Dee. “I decided I wanted to have ‘Music’ as the … Continue reading

FEATURE: Top 5 Rip-Off Songs

beach house band

Written for the 405 Adverts and music go together like cold and flu medicine. You don’t really want either of them but they’re sometimes shoved down your throat anyway, and if you consume them recreationally there’s probably something wrong with you. The trend recently has just been for TV commercials to half-inch a recognisable tune … Continue reading

FEATURE: Top 5 Isolated Tracks

the ronettes

Written for the 405 There’s something brilliantly bewitching (and a little eerie) about isolated tracks, which have been popping up on YouTube with greater regularity than Harlem Shake videos. More than just instrumental or a capella tracks, music obsessives – a term I use affectionately, being one myself – have taken it upon themselves to … Continue reading

FEATURE: How did rap feuds get so whack?

biggie tupac

Written for the 405 Ah, I remember this when it was all killing fields. It wasn’t like this back in my day, I’ll tell you that for free. None of this fighting over parking spaces nonsense. But then we had to do without these Tweeting doo-hickeys which cause all these young whippersnappers to get in a tizzy. Christ, it makes … Continue reading

FEATURE: The Three Stages of Eels – A Beginner’s Guide

eels e diy

During our recent interview with Mark Oliver Everett – better known as E, the bearded, bespectacled core of Eels – described the themes of his most recent album as; “a lot of lyrics about trying to fight my way out of a corner. Feeling lost but not willing to go down without a fight.” What’s true of … Continue reading