EP REVIEW: Shinies – Tangle

shinies tangle ep

Written for DIY Manchester’s Shinies want to ruin your teeth. Their first single, ‘Shola / Pillow Talk’, featured a melting 99 (without a Flake) on the cover and this this follow-up of sun-kissed fuzzy-wuzzy-indie rock is all tied up in strawberry laces. Plus it features some of the sweetest melodies this side of the gentle tinkling … Continue reading

EP REVIEW: Roots Manuva – Banana Skank

roots manuva banana skank

Written for the 405 In 2003, Dizzee Rascal became the second rapper to win the Mercury Prize; second, sure, but he exhibited a little more staying power than the first (Ms Dynamite-tee-hee in 2002), helping to build grime from the ground up, before parleying his two-step flow into multi-million selling club rap. In an alternate reality, … Continue reading

EP REVIEW: Diplo – Express Yourself

diplo express yourself

Written for the 405’s EPs of 2012 It’s been a typically hectic year for producer polymath star Thomas Wesley Pentz, better known as Diplo (not Duplo, those are the massive Lego bricks designed so toddlers can’t shove them up their nostrils). He didn’t go any further towards patching things up with former superstar collaborator MIA, but he … Continue reading

EP REVIEW: Jack Beats – Somebody To Love

jack beats somebody to love

Written for DIY When you’re tossed overboard into a sea of mediocrity, it’s difficult to find anything to really grab on to. Amongst the flotsam and jetsam that pass you by are weak four-to-the-floor beats, structurally unsound ‘wobbly’ bass bits, and indistinct, breathy female vocals of which you’re unsure about the origins. Jack Beats’ most … Continue reading

EP REVIEW: Throwing Snow – Aspera

throwing snow aspera ep

Written for the 405 What’s the hook? Aspera is, according to Google, the Latin word for “rough” (as well as the name of both a “American indie rock band from Philadelphia” and “a Norwegian melodic progressive metal band”). The music itself is quite the opposite – Ross Tones, aka Throwing Snow, curates four tracks of delicate, … Continue reading