TRACK REVIEW: Phoenix – Entertainment (Blood Orange Remix)

phoenix entertainment blood orange mks remix

Written for DIY

Erstwhile Test Icicle and Lightspeed Champion Dev Hynes has, by some fortuitous turn of events, ended up as the new hot pop producer, like Timbaland with an eighties fixation. With that in mind, he’s a perfect fit for nostalgic cool of French rockers Phoenix – and look! He’s brought along the original Sugababes as well.

That’s right – we’re living in a world where a guy from a band whose name was, basically, ‘balls’, is remixing a French rock band with help of a reformed girl group. Taking snippets of Thomas Mars’ vocals and the twinkly synthesised strings of the original, Hynes remodels ‘Entertainment’ from a propulsive foot-stomp of a record into a torch song that could sit happily on the ‘Lost In Translation’ soundtrack. That is, until the re-purposed guitar solo tears a hole in the slight silk fabric of his late-night production style, reverb and distortion shaking another close group harmony out of Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan.

Like their re-do of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Swimming Pools (Drank)’, the appearance of the trio on this remix is both surreal and oddly appropriate; their parts are almost like the featured artist singing the hook on an R&B record, with Mars’ taking the verses – Hynes has one eye on transplanting Phoenix’s cool into MKS, and another on highlighting how sad and lonely a song ‘Entertainment’ is when you take it away from its glam rock pomposity. An excellent, bitter sweet gem of a track.


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