TRACK REVIEW: Jessie Ware – Imagine It Was Us

jessie ware imagine it was us


Written for DIY

There are only two kinds of people in the world, ‘Wildest Moments’ people and ‘110%’ (or ‘If You’re Never Gonna Move’) people. Now ‘Wildest Moments’ people can like ‘110%’ and ‘110%’ people can like ‘Wildest Moments’, but nobody likes them both equally. Such was the division of sounds – and labour – on Jessie Ware’s debut album, ‘Devotion’ . British singer-songwriter Kid Harpoon helped pen the big pop ballads, the sort that let Ware’s voice soar; meanwhile, Julio Bashmore pushed things forward with the bass-indebted future house. ‘Imagine It Was Us’ may come a little closer to uniting these disparate parties.

With a subtlety belied by the unnecessary ‘POM POM POM SPECIAL DELIVERY!’ tags scattered throughout this rip from Annie Mac’s radio show, the track lets Ware show off her vocal range in an un-showy way, Bashmore and new collaborator Hyetal providing a sort of stripped-back disco backing, the sort of thing Daft Punk might produce if they were signed to PMR. The drums are very ‘Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’, there’s some catch-and-release bridges, and some fizzy synths lead us into the chorus. There’s almost certainly some better-than-average dance moves to go along with it. It’s like the coolest school disco you’ve ever been to.


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