low invisible way so blue

Written for DIY

‘The Book of Mormon’ isn’t the only thing the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has done for us lately – although I hear it’s very good (that’s what all the posters on the Tube say, anyway). They deliver us from evil, and to a new Low song – married drummer/singer Mimi Parker and guitarist/singer Alan Sparhawk are of the faith – which can only be a good thing. The ‘slowcore’ sound the trio have slowly been fermenting over the past past decade or two only gets better with age, the vocals not so much soaring as out into the stratosphere. They’ve maintained their own particular brand of ‘epic’ – not the arena-shaking stadium rock band, or the nature-documentary-scoring of Sigur Ros. ‘So Blue’, like many of their best songs, sounds like the soundtrack to a particularly brilliant, melodramatic ending to a suburban American drama film.


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