TRACK REVIEW: AlunaGeorge – Attracting Flies

alunageorge attracting flies

Written for DIY

Talk about taking chances – naming a song ‘Attracting Flies’ is just asking for trouble if the track itself ends up being a bit like, well, dog muck. But then, AlunaGeorge aren’t the worrying sort, and why should they? Good as their top 10-bothering single with Disclosure is, it’s nice to see the duo alone (does that make sense?) stepping out with more future-proof pop, another sharp-tongued take-down of a person who talks a whole lot of bull crap. The production sounds even more early-nineties hip-hop/garage than ever, whilst also sounding exactly like how everything in the charts should sound forevermore, thanks. Not only that, but Aluna Francis’ voice just gets better with every song, especially when on this one she’s duetting with…herself. Because who else could measure up?


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