SINGLE REVIEW: Shinies – “Shola / Pillow Talk”

shinies shola

Written for DIY

From a group of pals jamming in a cellar, to posting a demo online whilst drunk, to the music press exalting unabashed praise, to recording their debut single with former Test Icicle Rory Atwell — what a whirlwind the past few months have been for Mancunian quartet Shinies. There’s a steady wave of hype building already from that much-revered first offering, and from the sound of this follow up to “Spent Youth”, it seems they’ll be riding it for a good while.

The band don’t sound particularly fazed by all the attention; or if they are, it doesn’t show. This double A-side, for all its walls of distorted noise-pop guitars and clattering drums, is more laid back and focused on melody — the central riff of “Shola” is an earworm if we’ve ever heard one — than on discordance, and the dreamy My Bloody Valentine-esque vocals affirm that.

“Shola”, especially, sounds simultaneously confident and effortless, with its sun-kissed lyrics detailing ice-cream-purchase-as-courtship-ritual, destined to be the centre piece of many a hip summer playlist. “Pillow Talk”, meanwhile, is a little heavier, but with a swirling Pains At Being Pure At Heart feel to it. In summary: summery. And surprisingly accomplished, and damn catchy.



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