SINGLE REVIEW: Shrag/Tunbaunny – “Tendons In The Night/Locusts”

Written for DIY

“Tendons In The Night”, with its pun-tastic title at the expense of Fitzgerald and some gloriously ramshackle post-punk, is Shrag’s first new material since 2010’s Life! Death! Prizes!. A wonderful little hymn to the aesthetic pleasure of the human body, with a little more reverence given to the form than you get from the likes of, say, Akon. Although Shrag describe the song themselves as a “voyeuristic ode to the pursuit of gymnastic perfection.”

“Strong forms they please the eye!” they shout in unison over some propulsive drumming and humming organs, “Something blossoms in the soul when the gymnasts cry!”. The southern five-piece show no sign of slowing down in their production of brilliantly catchy and original noisy pop. “Such dedication is refreshing” indeed.

On the b-side of this split single are Tunabunny, Shrag’s touring partners throughout this month, whose “Locusts” opens with a little holler which evolves into Mary Jane Hassell’s vocals which oscillate between softly spoken despair about feeling misplaced and Karen O-esque howls and squeals over a no-wave backing of distorted surf guitar and soupy drums. It’s nothing new but it does the job, that’s for certain.

Essentially, Shrag bring their A game, whilst Tunabunny are something of a B Team.



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