TRACK REVIEWS: Former Lover – “He Doesn’t Have To Know”

Dorian Cox was the guitarist and songwriter for criminally underrated, absolutely brilliant Sheffield indie pop act The Long Blondes, a band who split due to necessity when, at age 27, Cox suffered a stroke.

Three years on, and with former muse Kate Jackson releasing new material at a snail’s pace, Cox has gone and formed himself a new act. Taking influence from the more dissonant of the post-punk era that he previously purloined successfully with Long Blondes, Former Lover’s first song doesn’t sound a million miles away from the controlled urban funk that Young Marble Giants made once upon a time.

Oh, and it’s fronted by “Myrtle”, a young lady with a similar grasp on sultry vocals as the Blonde’s Jackson, only less melodramatic, more mumblecore.

Available on split casette with Nature Set (LBs bass player Reenie’s new band) 


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