CHRISTMAS TRACK REVIEW: Julian Casablancas – “I Wish It Was Christmas Today”

julia casablancas i wish it was christmas today

Everything you could possibly want in a Christmas tune: there are bells a-ringin’, and a-jinglin’, eighties soft-rock synths a-playin’, so you should certainly be listenin’. Putting forward a dream that appears a lot more realistic than the one Wizzard are always banging on about – which always seemed a little greedy to us – Casablancas’s delivery of his wish that it could be “Christmas today”, along with all the Kringle worship, makes him appear like an excitable child. And in doing so manages to sound far more convincing than he managed for any of the ten cuts on the last Strokes album.

Originally written for This is Fake DIY, published 4/12/11


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