SINGLE REVIEW: Crystal Fighters – “Plage”

crystal fighters plage

Written for DIY

It’s probably about time we got over the the wacky story behind Crystal Fighters debut album – y’know, that it’s based on the bizarre cosmic ramblings of the singer’s deceased grandfather – because, well, their latest single doesn’t really show it.

With Spanish rhythms and breathy vocals (which, along with an opening guitar line, is less Flamenco, more Harry Nilsson’s theme from Midnight Cowboy), “Plage” instead deals with the admittedly universal theme of fancying girls, delivered in lilting, breathy tones tones.

Not exactly a radical notion in pop, but the conviction with which frontman Sebastian Pringle implores the object of his affection, the “most beautiful girls [he’s] ever seen,” to “come down to the Plage with [him]” gives the song a charming, fun quality.

Releasing the song when they have is a smart move on the band’s part; musically, it’s got just the right sun-kissed, excitable tone for the summer time, along with some very festival-sing-a-long-friendly lyrics. “Plage” is a catchy, fun pop single, more than ready to get stuck in that sun-burnt bonce of yours.



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